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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gearing up for the fall season. I've been trying to work daily on new art work. Here are a few that are currently on eBay~Kim

A rodeo themed painting I did for EBSQ's July Rodeo Art Show

Red Fox and Raccoon Balloons SOLD

Raccoon Bat

Bat Cow and Babies

Demon Bunny SOLD

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zazzle Store

Wow! I finally added a shop on Zazzle. Here is the link:

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

EBay listings - March 4, 2010

Hi! I'm new to blogging, so I guess this is my maiden voyage. I'm an artist from Nebraska. Farm life is the life for me as I live on a 160 acre farm. We raise horses, so I have colts, mares, geldings and 2 stallions to use for reference for artwork. We also have geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, dogs and cats, plus one little dwarf hamster named 'Fluffy.'

I love to draw and paint animals; horses, deer and other wildlife North American and African animals, lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. But, mainly, I'm a fantasy artist. I'm known for my sea horses (hippocampus), dragons, pumpkin head and snow animals and my crazy mixed up insect creatures. My artwork can be very realistic or, most often, whimsical and surreal.

Visit me at purplehorse75 on EBay (The following is a sampling of the artwork I have listed on EBay this week.

Here's two ACEO's I created for one of my EBay groups theme week:

"Pot Peeker" SOLD

"Anthromorphic Rubber Tree Plant"

and here's some of my current EBay ACEO listings:

"Buckskin HorseFly & Sunflower Friend" Sold

"Moose Hippocampus"

"Witch's Black Cat w/ Cat-O-Lantern & Skull Balloons" SOLD

"Tinted Graphite Dragon"

"Ph-unky Pronghorn" SOLD

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. I'd better get busy and art some more. Later!