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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Collie Pup Halloween Witch WIP ACEO Painting

Ta-dah! With a sparkle in her eye, Monroe is ready for Halloween Trick or Treating. 'Collie Pup Halloween Witch' can currently be found listed for sale on my 'purplehorse75' eBay site. Thanks for viewing my work in progress! ~ Kim

Splashes of water color paints and color pencil detail help define our delightful Collie Witch. She's close to being finished.

Purple night sky, full moon up high with bats flying over head. Monroe thinks that Halloween is getting closer!

Here is the beginning sketch, inked in and ready for the back ground water color paints.

This is Monroe, my daughter's new collie puppy. She is a very intelligent dog. We've had Monroe and Mufasa, her half brother, since the end of August. I thought Monroe would make a great Halloween witch. This is the progress of a WIP (work in progress) from sketch to a finished ACEO miniature painting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New ACEO Artwork

I finally took the time to set down and add some new artwork to my blog. Summer has come and gone by so fast (as it usually does). This year, I did manage to plant a garden. Had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers that I still need to can. Also need to dig potatoes. All of the 'fun' work is never done!

We lost our 10 year old border collie/heeler cross dog, Kiki, to raccoon paralysis this summer. (She had had it twice before and pulled though after 4 to 6 weeks of TLC). We decided to get another collie for a watch dog, but ended up with two registered collies, Mufasa (male) and Monroe (female). They were born May 25th and June 2nd and are still nothing but puppy!

Here are four of my newest original ACEO artwork that is currently listed for sale on eBay:

Kite Flying Goth Lady Bus

Veggie Bunnies-Harvest Time

Skull-Spotted Goth Guinea Pig

Cat A Bug Halloween Witch

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Changes on the Horizon

Hi! Guess it's been a while since my last post, a long while. This year, I'm going to try to do better with posting. :)

Other people are starting to discover (what most of us have known for years) the joys of collection ACEO art cards. I recently entered five of my little beauties, along with three other pieces of miniature artwork, into our Northeast Nebraska Art Association's Annual Spring Art Show and Sale. And, guess what!, one of the miniature pieces won a red ribbon and one ACEO won an honorable mention!!!

"Grazing" Red Ribbon (will be going to the Nebraska state art show competition)

"Hamster & Red Balloon" White Ribbon (an alternate for the state show)

I've discovered that ACEO artwork looks stylish nestled in a 5" x 7" mat and framed with either a simple or ornate frame. In fact, I'll be offering more of my ACEOs for sale already matted. I'll also be taking matted ACEO artwork to area art shows. Which brings me to other news...

For a little while, I'll be creating artwork full time. We'll see how it goes.(Saying a little prayer and hoping for the best!). With eBay changing (again), I decided that maybe it's time to do a few changes in my studio. Keep checking in with me as new art and craftwork appears on the horizon!

Wishing everyone a nice Easter/Spring holiday!