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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snow on the Pumpkin and Daily Paint Works

Wow, I haven't been a faithful blogger. Sorry about that. Seems like I'm more like the Great Pumpkin, I visit once a year. Speaking of pumpkins, today we're getting the first snow of the winter. I still have apples and leaves on my trees, and, yes, if I would have pumpkins in my garden, there would be snow on them.

I recently joined Daily Paint Works. Love the site! Each day there are over 100 new paintings from many talented artists. Check my gallery out at .

Here are two commissioned paintings I've done for two different collectors.
'And Baby Makes Three...' has a new home in Canada, while 'Their Favorite Haunt' makes its home in New Jersey.

And Baby Makes Three...
Their Favorite Haunt

These are a few of the new ACEOs I currently have listed on eBay. It's witches all around!

Witchy Collie Girl Monroe

Snowy Owl Witch

Froggie Witch
One last painting to share. The art club I belong to, the Northeast Nebraska Art Association, did a still life in watercolor at our last meeting. We painted two different paintings then cut them into strips and wove them together. Below is my 'masterpiece.'  :)
Cat -O- Lantern Pumpkin Still Life
Hope everyone stays safe & warm!

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